Social Media Trends Here to Stay

Social Media Trends Here to Stay

November 15, 2017


There is no denying the importance that social media has had on our culture and its users. Through the use of social media brands now have a way to direct speak with their customers, something that used to only be granted to stores and service jobs. By having this direct contact brands can constantly create and recreate the image that the consumer has of them through a social media content strategy. It should come as no surprise that the trends that are currently showing longevity in social media are those that create a more seamless interaction between branding and social media marketing.

Emotion, Creativity, and Vulnerability

When it comes to a brand’s “voice” users are looking to connect to a voice that has emotion, vs. just trying to push product. Through posts that convey emotions and connect to people’s emotions there is a chance that that emotion can lead to them taking action, whether it be through a purchase or by following or liking a photo. Creativity works in a sense that the more creative posts are, the less it feels as though users are following or interacting with a brand, but rather a creative account that adds to their daily inspiration. Above all else vulnerability, users want the authenticity to know that the brand is run by people and not robots and helps with branding ideas.

Ads Without Disruptions

There have been studies done that on Snapchat, and now Instagram Stories, ads that seamlessly follow videos work better than ads that disrupt videos and begin in the middle. When the ad directly follows the video, users are more inclined to watch it all the way through, rather than to skip it. Not to mention that full screen ads are also doing significantly better and this is a trend that also will continue this is something that works to benefit advertisement for interior design.

The Influence of Social Influencers

Social influencers are a force to be reckoned with. They sit front row at fashion shows, are invited to movie premiers, and restaurant openings all part of partnership agreements. Social influencers allow brands that casual intervention of product into the lives of consumers. Social influencers allow brands to be exposed to more followers that they otherwise might not get the chance to be connected to. While the market for new social influencers is becoming saturated there is no denying the strength and pull that the industry heavyweights hold.

Paid Advertising

With organic growth slowing down, due to social channels putting a push toward paid reach and advertising dollars. With most users having more than one social channel it is no surprise that the best way to connect with them is through advertising on social media. Paid advertising, and digital marketing strategy, on social media lets brands choose who, when, and where their ads show up and for how long. Advertising on social media lets their ads get access into the everyday lives of their target market.


Live stream has had a spike in peak use during 2017. With Instagram incorporating live streaming on their app, as well as, on on Facebook users are taking to live streaming to share important moments of their lives and influencers are utilizing live streaming to showcase brands. Live streaming is letting brands create almost mini segments on their products either through direct showcases or through product set up and use. Live streaming also gives users that chance to interact with brands in that moment and ask questions and get answers in that moment.

Social media is all about creating seamless interactions and moments that let users get a better look at the brand and who they are.

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Kristina Carmon