Conference Rooms and Exquisite Lighting Designs

Conference Rooms and Exquisite Lighting Designs

November 1, 2017

The lighting in a conference room helps build out the ambiance and the way people feel before a meeting. Warmer lights are known to make people feel more relaxed, while cooler lights make people more productive, and the brighter the light, the more alert people feel. Lighting is a key factor in design and often times can go overlooked, don’t let that happen to you. Below are exquisite and modern ways to tackle meeting room interior design lighting.


No Light is the New Light:

With companies taking a new design approach to bring the outside in, from gardens, rooftops, and courtyards, it should come as no surprise that skylights are becoming a big trend in offices. Skylights have the benefit of bringing in natural light, and with some of them even opening up you can let in a light breeze. Natural light has a positive effect on people by giving an overall positive mood. The only downside to having a natural lit sky light is that if the weather is not it’s best, and gloomy, it can be slightly darker in the room, so it is important to have back up light options just in case.


Industrial Aesthetic:

With modern offices taking an industry twist, from refurbished factories to exposed brick, industrial touches are seen across the US. This industrial design is having an effect on lighting with light bulb lighting fixtures or lighting with metal design covers. Industrial lighting fixture can add just small detailed looks to the room that can style out the whole meeting room design.


Lighting as the Focal Point:

Chandeliers are making a comeback in design and companies are taking note. Chandeliers whether they have a classic look or more of a modern take are seen in conference rooms to add an air of elegance. Companies are playing with the design of chandeliers by having more than one and chandeliers of different sizes. As opposed to home chandeliers in the office can be more playful and differ in pairings, by mixing and matching chandelier styles. One thing to note when it comes to chandeliers, is to have one above the presentation area, to make sure the presenter has enough light on them as well.

While lighting can help set the ambiance and aesthetic of designing a conference room, it can also be a way for companies to have fun with their design and to make it a focal point of the room if they chose to.

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Kristina Carmon