How Digital Marketing Is Revolutionizing the Design Industry

How Digital Marketing Is Revolutionizing the Design Industry

December 6, 2017


Digital Marketing is any marketing that is done over the internet, social media, or mobile phones. One of the many benefits of the digital age and digital marketing is that we are able to get results in real time and see how it is interacting with our posts. Digital marketing gives us access to results, big data, and brand development. Data can help to improve your marketing techniques.

The effect of having access to all this data is significantly changing business and the design industry. What used to be design companies just showcasing countless work and blindly advertising, has now all been personalized. Through data and personalization companies that are globally based are able to target ads and posts on social media to specific geographic areas where they are either trying to expand their business to or keep business in. Digital marketing lets us change our campaign or our tone based on location and offer promotions and showcase work in certain areas.

The effect of personalization on business are vast. This can be anything from increased brand awareness to increase in profit or for overall company branding strategy. By having a business that can be more personalized you can better relate to different target markets and regions. Especially with design, since it is so subjective, and can vary from region to region, it is better to personalize certain design style rather than alienating those customers by posting styles that they can’t relate to. Even language wise, different targeted ads and posts can be written and promoted to different areas, so you are able to communicate with them in a way that they can relate to and feel comfortable.

The better you get at marketing and personalization the greater the reach of the content that you post. It is better to increase that likely hood by a strategic marketing plan with the help of digital marketing, especially because design can be so editorial and the content can be shareable.

Kristina Carmon