Micro Influencers

Micro Influencers

January 18, 2018 Marketing, Social Media


In the past few years, there has been a ton of talk about influencers, and they have created quite the buzz. The use of influencers is likely no surprise to you. In the evolving world of social media, there are now micro-influencers with significant sway but less than 500,000 followers who have been found to give brands more of an impact on their investment according to a study by HelloSociety (http://www.adweek.com/digital/micro-influencers-are-more-effective-with-marketing-campaigns-than-highly-popular-accounts/).


Micro Influencer and Micro-Budget:

When it comes to business, it is often all about the bottom line, and you want to get the most for your money. Like any form of advertising, and social media advertising is no exception, where you advertise and how many people see it, the more you have to pay for it. Micro influencers charge less to promote your product, and because their following is still on the smaller scale, but they get to engage with their followers more because of it. More modest audiences benefit you because when micro-influencers promote something, it comes across as more credible to their followers because of the trust they have created. The followers are more inclined to invest in it or try out the product. Even though fewer eyes see your promotion, those that do, have a real chance of connecting with your brand.


Engagement on the Rise:

Many of the micro influencers have had to, and still are growing their following organically, and because of that, they know how vital engaging with their followers is. By continually engaging with their followers and their followers engaging with them, this benefits them, social influencer marketing, and you in two ways. The first being that constant engagement has created a relationship and a conversation with their followers, so they know what their followers like and how to promote something to them. The second being that posts that have high engagement, especially on Instagram, tend to reach the top of the algorithm, so Instagram will promote the post more giving it a boost on newsfeeds and on the explore page. Further increasing how many people see the post.


However, with all this talk about benefits of Micro Influencers, it would not make sense if we did not share some of our favorites!


Molly Madfis (@almostmakesperfect) has 44,000+ followers on Instagram, and we love her clean Mid-Century Modern look that she has in her home. Molly sticks to a neutral color pallet and gives tons of inspiration on how to design your home with the same aesthetic. Plus, her backyard covered in cacti is a desert oasis, it will make you want to pick up and move to Los Angeles and have a garden with cacti plants and a blow-up pool.

Another one of our favorites is Crystal (@crystalanninteriors) she lives in Manhattan with her husband and two children in a 700 sq. Ft. apartment, yep you read that right, 700 sq. Ft.! However, with the photos she shares and how she styled her space, you would never guess. Crystal uses bold artwork, and pastel colors give her apartment a soft, yet advent feel and it works to open up the space more. You will fall in love with her apartment as soon as you see it.

Taryn Whiteaker (@tarynwhiteaker_design) like Molly Madfis tends to stick to a more neutral pallet; however, Taryn does tend to stick to deeper colors and hues. Taryn is the perfect inspiration for a Modern Rustic home! By holding to a more neutral color scheme, she plays up the house's natural elements and lets it pop with all the exposed stone and wood. Taryn also has embraced one of our favorite trends for 2017, and that is the use of mixed metals.

Influencers are here to stay, and micro influencers might just be the change we were waiting for in the 2018 social media strategy, with more niche markets and better engagement. Micro influencers are all about relationship, and the associations they have with their followers and the one they can build with your brand so that you can grow together 

Kristina Carmon