Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking

January 5, 2018 Business, Interior Design, Marketing, Social Media


While having a social media communication plan is valuable, it is also essential to consistently be growing. The more your accounts grow, the more your company is expanding its reach. Whether that growth is coming through awareness, new clients, or reflected in the bottom line, growth is what you should be striving for, and hopefully, these tips will help you continue to grow.


Good Publicity:

Companies often turn to social media PR to help grow the brand, and sometimes the best PR is to give back to your clients and consumers. By giving back and offering a giveaway or an exclusive deal it gets people talking about your brand again. In moments where it feels like your company emails have been shoved to the clutter folder of Outlook, a good PR plan and a giveaway could be precisely what is needed to boost your brand and get people excited about it like they did when they first found you.


Referral Programs:

Referral programs are a great way to grow! Essentially with referral programs, your followers refer their friends and once they sign up you reward them both, and who doesn’t like rewards? Harry's Shave Club ( had great success with their email referral program when they launched. The rewards from the referral program can be anything from an % off, to free product, to exclusive deals. Referral programs are also beneficial because they are a great way to capture leads! Email leads still hold a high click-through rate to bring clients back to your website. Make sure to combine your referral program with a way to capture leads so that you can give your business a profit boost.



Brands that focus on flash deals and exclusive offers play on emotion and a sense of urgency. Consumers and clients do not want to miss out on this moment. Urgent deals can even work to persuade someone to take part in your service or make a purchase because if the offer is so good and there is a time limit, they might think “why not?” And “I’ve meant to try it anyway.”


The best ways to growth hack are to play to the resources and attributes that your company already has, and find new ways to promote it. Growth hacking also allows you to get creative with your digital marketing plan and use different opportunities to extend offers and give back, like “National Pink Day” and the celebration of your company’s birthday. Through growth hacking, you expand your word of mouth reach and get people talking.

Kristina Carmon