Blog Writing 101 - Trends for Today's Top Blogs

Blog Writing 101 - Trends for Today's Top Blogs

February 7, 2018

While blogging used to be seen as perhaps a juvenile past time, it is now for many brands a formative part of their content marketing strategy. SEO (search engine optimization) is a serious tactic for driving traffic to your website. Blogging plays a huge role in organic SEO. What this means, is your search ranking on Google or other search engines will increase. For example, you own a fashion e-commerce website and write a blog on “How to wear a wrap scarf” and now your site has just increased its visibility to anyone searching for wrap scarves!

Blogging can sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, just choose a couple trending blogs styles and follow that format in a way that it applies to your brand. Below are some of the trending blog formats we are seeing:


The Personal Brand Blog

If you offer a marketing product or service, perhaps you built an empire and want to share your tips and tricks along the way, Personal Brand Blogs have become widely popular for their consistent motivational quips. These types of blogs tend to demystify the road to success and all areas thereof. Entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk have only added to their success by sharing their pathway to success and helping others along the way through their ‘advice’ blogging and vlogging.


The ‘How To’ Guide Blog

Knowledge is power, walking your reader through how to do something can create brand loyalty and is a great opportunity for product placement. If you are an interior designer and write a “How to make the most of my studio apartment space” you have the chance to build a relationship with your potential client without even meeting them. “How to” blogs should open with personality and quickly flow into easy to follow instructions and tips. Think straightforward, more pictures and less wordy.


The Guest Blogger

Finding new perspective is key, inviting regular guest bloggers can shake things up and broaden your audience. Collaborating with professionals in like industries and/or having them endorse your product or service through a blog is a great way to increase organic traction. Perhaps they are a known influencer, having your brand name attached to theirs is great for business. Also, guest bloggers are very likely to cross share the content with their followers. Double the readers, double the fun!


The Interview

Though it can be lengthy, the straightforward question and answer format is likely to captivate readers all the while there is plenty of room for product placement and SEO creativity. Just like Guest bloggers, it is highly likely the interviewee will share the content as well.


The Lifestyle Blogger

Creating a Lifestyle Blog for either you or your brand has a more friendly and laid back approach when it comes to speaking to your readers and/ or customers. This blogging style tends to show the ins and outs of your daily life and befriend your readers along the way. What is your early morning routine, how do you pack for a trip to Tulum, what’s your favorite life hacks right now – are all examples of what goes into a Lifestyle Blog.


The List Blog

Favorite books for the summer? Best dressed at the Grammys? List blogs are great for reporting on current events and therefore your SEO is always relevant. They are also super easy to create and your readers are likely to love the quick, easy read format.


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