Why Brand Presence in Social Media Is So Important

Why Brand Presence in Social Media Is So Important

April 11, 2018

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First of all, what is Brand Presence? To us, brand presence is the infusion of a brand into  visuals, products, daily work, etc. in order to create a brand awareness helping customers to easily recognize a brand. For example, if a company has green and orange as brand colors, making sure to put those colors in the graphics, website, advertisements, etc. that they are placing on social media is CRUCIAL. This allows anyone who sees these items to identify that company with those colors. Here are a few more reasons why developing a brand presence in social media is so important.

Builds and Grows Your Reputation

Brand presence easily does this. However, just remember that it can either be a good reputation or a bad one. Reputations can help or hurt a company, so coming out strong with a great brand is imperative. It should be a priority not to rush the brand standards and truly come up with something that represents the company and what it stands for. Many places have brands that just do not step up to the plate in this category of marketing and eventually never get that brand presence they search so hard to achieve. The better the brand presence the wider and more recognize your business becomes.

Stands Out From Competitors

When a strong brand presence is in place, customers and clients will be able to associate a logo or even certain colors with that company. Even a little jingle on the radio or on a webpage can become second nature to some people, think about Nationwide’s jingle. When the awareness is high enough, the presence will undoubtedly stand out from other competitors.

Gives Off Confidence and Stability

There are many companies that have had to “re-brand” more than once and that is because they either outgrew their logo due to it being outdated OR they did not put enough effort into it in the first place. When a brand is strong and well thought out, it will give customers a sense of confidence in the brand and company itself. Sticking with something and incorporating the brand into marketing and social media is key to giving current and future consumers that stability and confidence they look for when choosing a business to trust.

Develops a Customer Loyalty

Once that trust is built, customer loyalty follows. Customers love having certain businesses that they go to for those special items they need. Hotels, shoe stores, even grocery stores have customer loyalty. This is not only because they make quality products, but they also have a brand presence within the customers themselves. Every person has a favorite shop for getting coffee or clothes, and it is brand presence plays a huge role in developing that!

Branding is not only crucial to the process of becoming successful, it makes customers and clients feel safe in their choice. As we mentioned above, a company should not have to rebrand unless the need for an upgrade is due to an outdated look. Even then, colors and fonts should stay the same to keep that association with the company. Presence on social media is the best place to have it because the world is going digital more and more every day, so why not start now?


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Kristina Carmon