Brand Personality - How to Ensure That Your Website & Logo Connect Your Target Audience To Your Business

Brand Personality - How to Ensure That Your Website & Logo Connect Your Target Audience To Your Business

May 16, 2018

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Brand personality is key to a company’s development. Without it, customer confidence and trust will still be there, but it will NOT be as strong as it could be. Websites and logos are either going to make or break a business’s brand. These two go hand in hand when forming a brand personality and customer loyalty. There are a couple of issues that can hurt or help companies, in our opinion, and the following three help develop brand personality the most.



No one likes getting to a website and nothing on the main page has anything to do with why they’re visiting the site in the first place. Of course this is different for everyone, but make sure that if your company is a marketing agency that you are writing about something marketing related! It seems like common sense, yet there are many companies out there writing articles about things just to try and get a higher SEO rating! If it is not relevant to your company or business, the bounce rate on your site will be extremely high and sales will not have any sort of significant positive impact.


In regards to the logo, having a logo that shows the personality of your brand is extremely important! If your company is shown to be fun and adventurous, but the logo is a mundane looking logo with no excitement, people will be a bit disappointed. Unfortunately in today’s marketing world, a cool and impressive logo can bring in more people and a boring logo can turn people away from a brand. This does not mean that the logo has to be extravagant by any means, it should just describe the personality of the brand without a doubt.



Have you ever been to a website and gotten lost looking for something within the first 2 min? The reason for that is most likely that the website is not very user friendly. This means that navigating the website is a little more difficult than it needs to be. If your company has any plans on keeping customers, make sure that the website is easy to use! It’s easier said than done, but audiences subconsciously appreciate this more than they know. Customers can connect more to a brand when they know they can get to what they want to in seconds.


Design for Emotions

Pick an emotion that you want your target audience to feel about your company’s website and put all focus into that. Be consistent with this when designing the website and your audience will begin to associate your entire brand with that emotion! Use fun colors if your emotion is humorous or joyful. Keep your web visitors in a positive mood by using check marks, smiley faces, thumbs up, etc.


Implementing these three things will help your audience connect with your content through your website. Once people can identify with a brand, they become repeat customers and loyal ones at that!


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Kristina Carmon