The Importance of Public Relations: Why It Will Benefit Your Business and Bring In Leads

The Importance of Public Relations: Why It Will Benefit Your Business and Bring In Leads

June 6, 2018

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Public relations (PR) is often a misunderstood, yet important piece of the marketing and advertising industry. PR ultimately means getting people to talk and think about your business in a positive way. It should be an important piece to a company’s marketing plan. Not only is it a way to get good publicity without advertising it helps you deal with a problem facing your business in an effective manner.

A company can utilize PR to attract more customers, suppliers, potential employees and possible business partners. When potential clients see good news out on a specific company or business, they associate that positivity to that company. As of late, the Facebook scandal is showing why PR is and should be a major part in a company’s marketing plan. If Facebook would have gotten ahead of the story with their PR, maybe Mr. Zuckerberg might not be going through 10+ hours of questioning! But that is another issue in itself.

PR is not just for massive companies that use national newspapers or television to communicate to current and future customers and clients. Even the smallest business can use public relations to capture the eye of its local audience. Promoting itself online to reach a wider customer base is also beneficial if that is the goal.

Here are some ways that having a PR program implemented into a business’s marketing plan can benefit your business and bring in leads.


Targeted audiences are much more likely to trust press releases and messages coming from an objective source rather than paid-for advertising messages. Think about the political sides, most people either get their information from Fox News or CNN. A neutral source of news would most likely be one of the most credible forms of promotion and can be persuasive.


A solid and positive story has the potential be picked up by several news outlets. This aides in exposing the message to a large audience which in turn broadens the opportunities to bring in more leads. When a company’s reach is widened, the potential for clients widens as well.

Ultimately the message we are trying to get across is that Public Relations can be extremely impactful in bringing on new business, only if it it used correctly. When implemented efficiently in a crisis, PR can be the one thing that saves a company from complete embarrassment.

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Kristina Carmon