4 Interior Design Marketing Tips for 2019

4 Interior Design Marketing Tips for 2019

April 11, 2019

There are many ways to increase return with your interior design business using marketing tactics. Nowadays with social media and almost everything digital, the tips to improve a marketing campaign seem endless. With that being said, every industry has different avenues of marketing with effective strategies while others have moves to keep an eye on. Here are a few interior design marketing tips for your 2019 endeavors.

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Identify Your Target Audience

This might seem like an easy enough task, however, most businesses struggle with how to identify their target audience. Sometimes companies have a great idea of who they want to use their services, but they end up appealing to a completely different demographic. This isn’t extremely common, but it does happen. In the case that this does not happen, choosing very specific markets and demographics can also depend on the surrounding area. Are there older hotels looking to renovate close to your location? Do they have a high enough budget, or will you have to branch out to a wider area? What kind of style do they want? How are they likely to hear and see your company? Answering these questions is going to help get you started in the right direction to choosing the best target audience for your business.


Be a People Person!

In the Interior Design industry, word-of-mouth is undoubtedly the best marketing resource. Earning referrals from former customers in order to get more business should be a walk in the park. Make sure that you keep yourself in their good graces. Not only that, but remain on their mind and in front of them regularly. It also helps if you are kind, helpful, and more of a friend than an interior designer to them, which should go unsaid. Everybody knows that people want to feel unique, loved, appreciated, and like they are your “best client”. Do these few things and you’ll be at the top of their list whenever they are asked for a recommendation, just wait.


Professional and Engaging Website

As we mentioned before, the marketing world is turning into an extremely digital lady. It’s a really— like REALLY— big deal to have a professional and engaging website that is easy to navigate and look through. For the interior design industry a few things are absolutely necessary to accomplish a great website.

●     Blog - at least 2 relevant blog posts a month. This could be design news, recent jobs, etc.

●     Gallery - Photos are everything these days. Get some of those before and afters up ASAP. Have plenty of these. People want to see how much the space was improved simply because you were a part of the design process.

●     Portfolio - Each project you do, take before and after photos. EVERY job! It’s so easy now, especially since the smartphone cameras are of such high quality now.

Those are just the basic necessities. It’s also a good idea to offer something different than your competitors to keep the clients/customers engaged. Being original is a plus these days.


Active Social Media Presence

You would think this would be a no-brainer, but apparently some businesses are still dropping the ball when it comes to social media. Why should you have it for your interior design business?

1.    Excellent networking tools.

2.    Allows clients to see new and updated content / jobs.

3.    Reaches audiences that simple websites cannot reach

4.    Speaks to all different demographics, depending on the social platform

When you get comments and shares, that means your posting can be seen in others’ news feeds, which is great exposure and so engaging. I mean come on...it’s free!

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Kristina Carmon