Logo Styles & The Latest Fonts: What’s New for 2018

Logo Styles & The Latest Fonts: What’s New for 2018

April 25, 2018

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Logo styles and fonts are constantly changing and continue to be very inventive. No company wants to be generic, everyone wants to be unique. Logos and fonts are able to do just that. Some businesses make sure they are stepping up their game by even making their own special fonts! For 2018, here is what to look out for amongst the logos & fonts.



Architectural Inspo

Many logos will be aiming to look more architectural. This is nothing new in the logo design world, but it seems to be reemerging. Companies want to incorporate meaningful architectural designs into their logos to show a sense of brand presence throughout their company. This consistent look will also help with their brand identity, awareness and presence.

Logos Just Wanna Have Fun!

Fun has always been important in logo design and that will never change. The bright colors and exciting images & shapes give off an “I’m Happy” kind of feeling. Fun is always appealing to consumers, so without that, it can sometimes seem a little dull or quiet. With the thought of energy and vibe in mind, these logos are hopefully going to bring a smile to your face and make this year a whole lot happier than the last!

Geometric Shapes

Keeping it simple, the trend is to keep design as simple as possible. It’s clean and crisp, yet still intriguing. Typography is not the only aspect that is becoming more simplistic. The geometry infused into logos are taking a “less-is-more” attitude. Geometry used to be all of the rage and sometime it was too intense. Now it seems that the design trend is to make it as powerful as possible with the least amount of shapes. We are definitely keeping an eye on this logo design trend in 2018.



Kiona Font

This font is going to blow up. When we talk about simplicity, this font is the exact definition of that. It is bold, edgy and the crisp lines are amazing. Not only is this font designed for optimal legibility it has four different font weights to enjoy, each developed after different personalities. It has been described as one of the best free fonts out there at the moment, so make sure to get it before someone realizes they could be making a ton of money off of this font!

Tehika Script

This script has been described as handwritten, loosely written and extremely festive. It is great for graphics about memories or beachy products. We predict a lot of photographers and other artistic-type of companies falling in love with this script. The letters are well-spaced and gives a dreamy feel to the graphic.

Crude Font

Described as “grungy”, this rustic, hand-painted brush font will leave you wanting more! Crude font creates an adventurous, yet stylish vibe for designers. The details seem to be hyper-realistic giving the font a natural grunge finish. This font would be best used for companies trying to push a big “Hey There” out to a new audience.


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Kristina Carmon