Why Is Content Marketing Essential for Design Mind Brands?

Why Is Content Marketing Essential for Design Mind Brands?

October 11, 2017


Content marketing is the combination of content (images and text) integrated in a way that is built to market to a key group and through a marketing plan that has an end goal in sight.

When we think of content marketing we often just think of them as photos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. but what if we changed our thinking? And saw it more as an opportunity to be editorial. By creating the opportunity to be editorial we are taking the responsibility of our brand and creating opportunities for our self in brand advertising.

When we look at content marketing as an editorial we are creating stories or extensions of stories with every post. Each post helps us further extend our brand and crate an image, one that resonates with our followers, and hopefully carries an authentic voice about the brand. By utilizing content and brand marketing, we are able to share stores and experience that not only help to inspire our followers, but also create a call to action. Content marketing can help make our call to action seem more authentic vs. an image of just pushing our agenda or product. Authenticity is key and it is what creates loyalty and longevity in content marketing. Through an authentic voice we are able to differ ourselves and our content. Making our content specific to the users it will reach. By being design focused we are always conscious of how space looks and how we can better our space and situation. By thinking of our content as editorial based it is easier to plan our content in a way that is appealing to us, our brand, and the viewers.

Content marketing lets us put our best photo forward and us our strengths in design, visuals, and being creative and utilize that strength to create campaigns, posts, and interactions to strength our online presence and branding ideas.

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Kristina Carmon