5 Interior Design Marketing Tips

5 Interior Design Marketing Tips

October 4, 2017 Marketing, Social Media

Marketing while always important, is only effective if it is reaching your target audience and connecting with them, so it is important to have an interior design marketing plan that works for you. Some industries are more content and image heavy vs. others are more focused on details and infographics. For interior design companies much of the focus is on clients and past work experience, and this works to be a center focus for interior design marketing as well.



Home decor websites works as the face of your company. It should be easy to use, up to date, and photo focused. Your website is what clients are going to seek out when they consider using you. It is important that your website speaks to all your skills and past accomplishments in a way that works like a story and is efficient for clients to use. Some suggestions are a website marketing strategy where past work is not only separated by clients, but by different rooms (living rooms, kid’s rooms, kitchens, etc.) that way based off of what the user is looking for they can find it quickly. Also, in regard to websites it is important to have a strong hold on your SEO and boost it in searches, whether that is through a blog page, Google+ account, or other paid opportunities. Having your home decor websites show up on the top of the first page of searches is beneficial to the success of new clientele.

Manage Reputation

While managing your social media reputation it is easy to forget your overall reputation. It can be easy to neglect pages like Yelp, Glassdoor, and Google Maps, but it is important to not let that happen. When new clients are looking at which company to work with they will often check out past work and past reviews. Managing your online reputation is your first impression and an important tool in marketing yourself and your business. By staying on top of the reviews and having positive business interaction than the reputation should stay a positive one.



YouTube is one of the top social media sites and it also happens to be owned by google, having videos on YouTube can help with your SEO. Especially in a field like interior design marketing where visuals hold a strong importance, utilizing videos can help showcase work. Videos can help show before and after videos, 360 degree views of the office, and design inspiration. Videos are an easy way to tell a story or quiet literally get your brand voice across. Keep in mind that it is important to keep videos short that way it is easy for users to consume the information and watch it within their busy life.


Contests can work beneficially in a way that it can create buzz around your brand. Interior design brands have the opportunity of creating contests that is centered around them and their brand. By offering the opportunity to have a contest run around winning a redesign. Interior designers are able to practice and showcase their work all while connecting with users who already have an interest in their design style.


Focusing on Local

Local styles and local communities are a big thing taking over the design world. With consumers having a preference for local designs and local communities, if interior designers able to tap into that market they can find new consumers or create a more loyal consumer base. This can take hold by advertising locally or even giving back in the local community, or showcasing the work or up and coming artists and designers in the community, and building that bond. The focus on local communities can help create a market where the company is the leader in that area and the sought out after firm in the area. While having big dreams is important, one must not be too quick to jump over local connections and communities.

With interior designers tapping into the marketing field they are better able to strategize and plan for upcoming interactions and clients. Interior design marketing strategies is about how to get your brand noticed and the more effort that you put into it the more likely you are to see results from it.

Kristina Carmon