Does PR Grow My Design-Minded Business?

Does PR Grow My Design-Minded Business?

November 21, 2018

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If you’re asking this question, you’re either just starting out in business or maybe have had a bad experience with public relations. Fortunately, life is all about learning, improving and progressing. A great business plan in general needs a public relations aspect. Whether it’s creating relationships with journalists and media companies, or simply getting a handle on situations before they go public, PR is always necessary.



In design, like any other business, things happen. They can be good or bad, great or horrible, and having a game plan to approach each situation is crucial. Businesses either grow or crash based on how they handle situations, so using PR can help you get ahead of the game. Protect the company by figuring out what precautions to take for those “just in case” circumstances and the company will continue to grow!


Influencers (Social Media)

This seems to be the newest and hottest way to promote and stay relevant. Influencers on social media are incredible resources to have and public relations can get you them. The more you stay updated and informed about the design industry, the more people you connect with who have influence in the community. You definitely want to do all you can to make influencers aware of your company and can do this by liking and commenting on their posts, blogs, etc.


Humanize Your Business

PR does a lot more than just damage control as some people might think. There comes a time where things might seem a bit repetitive and mundane. Public relations can help maintain a relatable and “humanized” feel for your clients and potential business partners/customers. Just as relationships start off as a journey, so do businesses. Showing a depiction of how the company started, where it came from and where it’s going can help clients and customers resonate and want to know more. Everyone loves a good story!



In any industry, good research is key. This can be staying in touch with the latest trends, tracking analytics, and more. This also helps when conversations start about hot topics in the design industry. Can you imagine being in a conversation with a potential client and they bring up an issue you haven’t heard of or know nothing about? Save yourself the embarrassment and stay on top of the industry news. We promise, it might take a little time, but knowledge is growth.


Measure Stats

Speaking of analytics, this is crucial to truly engage how much your business has grown. It’s also incredibly insightful when it comes to what has NOT been doing well. Sometimes figuring out what is not working and adjusting your efforts in that area can skyrocket a company. Imagine that you’re spending way too much time/resources on a social media platform that has not gained any traction. The solution can be to allocate those efforts into another area that is already doing well, increasing the ROI even more.


PR is a huge part in growing a design-minded business and these are only a few reasons how it helps.

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Kristina Carmon