Public Relations 101

Public Relations 101

December 5, 2018

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Public Relations can be extremely impactful in bringing in new business, only if it is used correctly. When implemented efficiently in a crisis, PR can be the one thing that saves a company from complete embarrassment. Whether it’s in-house PR or outsourced PR, it is a necessary step to guide your business in the right direction.


Time is Money

Unfortunately, this is true. The more time you spend on accomplishing a task, the less time you have to perfect something else. Let a team of professionals really dive in and take over Public Relations. This will allow more time for your company to focus on other things that need to get done.


Beat the Story

News that comes out too soon can sometimes ruin a company’s plan regarding the product or service. This is when a good PR company steps in and makes sure that they can get ahead of the news story and put out a well put together and thought out press release. Having a PR company behind you can save your business if, for example, a bad review by an important influencer in your industry goes viral. Putting positive twists on bad situations can be exactly what is needed at that moment. This does not mean lying to customers-- it simply could be a quick apology or explanation to defuse a potentially catastrophic issue.


Connect Yourself

Public Relations companies have a plethora of media connections-- that is part of their appeal. When using a PR company to elevate your brand, be prepared to create a ton of great relationships with different media sources. The perk of outsourcing to a PR company is their connections. Your brand will efficiently get out to the public in a positive light, and that in turn produces optimum marketing results your company needs.



A solid and positive story has the potential to be picked up by several news outlets. This aids in exposing the message to a large audience which in turn broadens the opportunities to bring in more leads. When a company’s reach is widened, the potential to meet new clients widens as well. BOOM! There you have it. On the other hand, a terrible negative story has the same potential. This means that every situation and piece of a company has to be taken care of delicately.


Public relations (PR) is often a misunderstood yet important piece of the marketing and advertising industry. A company can utilize PR to attract more customers, suppliers, potential employees and possible business partners. When potential clients see good news out on a specific company or business, they associate that positivity to that company. As of late, the Facebook scandal is showing why PR is and should be a major part in a company’s marketing plan. If Facebook would have gotten ahead of the story with their PR, maybe Mr. Zuckerberg might not be going through 10+ hours of questioning! But that is another issue in itself.

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Kristina Carmon