Website Trends Emerging in 2018

Website Trends Emerging in 2018

March 21, 2018

Websites are like Fashion. They are always evolving and changing, but some trends always come back around. Here are a few ways websites will be changing in 2018.


Bold Minimalism

Large fonts and bright colors. Simple, yet capturing. We have noticed that many companies have been resorting to making their content visually appealing and concise, the best combination ever! Although this was a trend when websites first came out, that was most likely because making them “cool” was not important. Now we can go back to the good ole days, but this time we can make sure that the colors and letters actually pop! Who would have thought they had it right the first time? It is shocking how important simplicity is, but it is not that simple to make something simple!


Engaging Photographs

We can all agree that seeing a poorly taken image with bad quality can ruin a viewer’s entire experience. Instagram has proven that! Insanely great pictures and captivating scenery/poses are going to be blowing up within websites in 2018. Fortunately, high quality photos are not too hard to come by, it is the originality that is the hard part! The good news is, whenever you see a photo that is not good quality, it is safe to assume that the company is not worried about how customers perceive their products.


Interactive Content

Clicking has become redundant! This year some lookout for websites that are going to make  voice activated selection available. Saying “home”, “back”, “contact us”, “projects”, etc. will allow consumers to navigate around seamlessly without having to raise a finger. The world is becoming a fast tracked economy, so why not make it easier to get around without having to exert too much energy?


Mobile is a Priority

It used to be that desktop and laptop viewing was the first priority and the mobile viewing was second. We can all agree that the roles have reversed and mobile viewing is soaring passed any other type. With this in mind, mobile format is going to take precedence when creating a website layout. Everything from the photo placement, to the font size and even the amount of pages used in the website. All of these features can make or break a website if for some reason the font is too big or small and people have to take time to zoom in and out OR the photos are too wide for the page and it gets cropped in an unflattering way.



In the past, most websites were obsessive about symmetry and making sure everything was aligned and fit together perfectly. Well times have changed and websites are taking a new outlook on symmetry. Throughout this year expect to see more and more off-centered logos, title pages and imagery within the pages. It is a new concept, but it actually seems to give a website more character and the ability to tell the brand story.

Kristina Carmon