Does Distrust in Media Affect Your Company?


It goes without saying that public trust in the media is at an all-time low, and gullibility is at an all-time high. People just are not relying on newspapers and television news channels for real news. It’s hard to understand and decipher what is real and what is “fake news”. Unfortunately, anyone can call any news “fake” and most people wouldn’t be able to decide if it is or not. This is bad for those companies that rely on these news outlets to create publicity and get their exciting stories out to the public. The good news, for real, is that public relations can aid in navigating these issues and present your company in its best light.


Remember that time the Weather Channel over exaggerated how strong the winds actually were during Hurricane Florence? There was a viral video of a reporter struggling not to get blown over, meanwhile two people were effortlessly walking behind him. Seeing that makes people think, “What else have they been lying about?”


How Does This Affect Your Company?

The majority of the public is going to be upset with the government and media on multiple different reasons. Any little lie can outweigh all of the good reports and intentions that the news channels have. It’s safe to say that it is possible that the same thing could happen to companies as well if precautions are not taken. Not only are people distrusting media, there is a constant increase in the distrust of corporations as well. Unfortunately, even if your company does receive good media coverage, the public may not believe it. It doesn’t help that many journalists are writing with a combination of facts and opinions that can be misconstrued and misleading.



1. Push Out Your Own Content

Although owned media does not get as much credit as it probably should, it allows more control over the media that is being sent out into the world. Any outlets that your company is in control of, social media pages, websites, prints, etc. are perfect ways to get the information out to the public through your own eyes and words. Even though it might seem a bit biased, it’s a great way to portray your tone and brand as well.


2. Honesty is the Best Policy

Everyone’s mother told them this, but it is 100% true, especially in the media world. If you are pushing out your own content, that doesn’t mean that you should stretch the truth or lie. It can definitely be tempting when you have bad news to report, but take the opportunity to get ahead of it and shape the conversation. The public and your customers will appreciate that more than any other fabrication.


3. Hire a PR Agency

Partner with the right Public Relations agency to help your media coverage stay away from the fire and get to the right audience. PR companies specialize in getting content out correctly, efficiently, and effectively.

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