PR Tips for Interior Designers


Sometimes the interior design industry can begin to lose focus when it comes to public relations. The important thing to remember is that PR can be quite simple if used properly and efficiently. We try and implement these tips, so take a look these and use as many as you want.


Develop Your Brand

Do you know what your brand’s key message is? A brand message helps create a story around who you are, why you do what you do, and how. This is something you can carry across all digital platforms and relate to clients and incorporate when communicating about any of your work. Storytelling is a great way to continue to strengthen brand identity and recognition among new and current clients. Make sure the mission statement and purpose is clear and consistent when communicating and pushing out your brand.


Think Local

Getting on national news is the ultimate goal, but to go big, you have to cover all of your bases first. If you think about it, national media will want to know who you are before going after a story, so they will Google you, like everyone else. If you have created relationships and a presence with the local media sources and influencers in your area, you will appear legitimate. Without that presence you will look like you don’t put in much effort to make a good name for yourself or the business. Get in good graces with the local media channels and social media.


Consistent Content

We all know that consistency is the key. When it comes to PR, it will lead to the success of your digital presence. Aim to post on Instagram and Facebook three to four times a week. This doesn’t mean that each post needs to be unique, but it does have to be relevant. Post before-and-after shots, new business relationships, a new blog post, or just inspiration for the day. People want to be able to relate to you and know that you are constantly thinking or working on projects. Think about posting things that show people who you are as a person too. Things like favorite color palettes, fun industry events, holiday celebrations, etc. will improve your engagement with followers and clients. Not to mention, you’ll need a few hashtags that you always use on your posts such as (#yourcompanyname #interiordesign #loveinteriordesign).


Create and Push Out Your Own News

Do not rely on anyone else to move your business forward but yourself. Take the initiative to get involved. Non-profits are a great way to collaborate with other creative designers and volunteer to update a space. This is not only good news material, it helps broaden your portfolio and expand your potential client base, not to mention the networking aspect. Also, check out some local opportunities to get your name out there. If there are any local projects to try and get in on, go for it. Basically, pursue opportunities to get involved in the community that could potentially turn into personal stories you can share with your current followers.


Strategic Moves Always Pan Out

If you’re lying to yourself, you won’t get anywhere. At the end of the day, not every single one of your projects is “press-worthy”, which is FINE. Get honest with yourself and prioritize the projects that are worth sending over to the media options. Make sure that the photos are professional. If you’re sending over projects that are lower quality, you risk your reputation with the journalist who is considering publishing your work. Also, each media source has specific projects that they like to publish. If you have a project that is catered more towards one, do not send it out to every single media source you have contacts with. If they deny the project, then move to the second option. This works best because you can mention that the project or story is exclusive only to that publication.

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