Innovative Ways to Market Architectural Services

Innovative Ways to Market Architectural Services

December 13, 2017


One of the benefits that Architecture has is that it is very design focused, and creating beautiful structures and forms for people. Using this design mindset to its benefit, architecture firms can get creative with their marketing techniques. By using content marketing or marketing for architects they can build relationship with their clients, architectural services are building a lasting foundation.

Using Design to Tell Stories

With every design and architectural building there is usually a story behind it. Why that design or how the design came to life and the inspiration for it. By using these natural parts of the cycle as content it can help future clients and clients alike relate to your brand and create a connection build, and see if your process is something that they can relate to. The art of storytelling can be expressed through different formats: videos, pictures, live stream, or written content through social media for architecture firms. Whatever the preferences, as long as it is truthful it’ll help our brand stand out among others.

Think Local, Build Big

While an architecture firm can have clients globally and have work around the globe, there is a certain strength in local communities and building a bond with them. When focusing on staying local and local work. Architects can work to better create target marketing campaigns for local clients as well as partner with other local organizations for greater outreach and brand awareness and community relationships. By creating joint campaigns with other local organizations you can show clients and future clients what your culture is and what you stand for.

Contests, Contests, Contests

What better way to increase brand awareness and brand recognition than through a contest? Contests can work in many different ways: giveaway, finding new talent, mentor/mentorship programs, can help to create branding for your architecture firm. With a giveaway you can offer your services of helping someone create and build their dream home, or maybe through a contest on submitted work you find your new talent, and contests to inspire and work with kids looking to become architects. Whatever the premise of your contest it is sure to create a buzz about your company name.

Marketing that helps us stay relevant and connect with our target market is innovative marketing. Marketing is only as strong as your work to back it is, in other words you can have the best marketing campaign out there and it can get people to your website or social media site, but in the end of the day your work has to be of quality and something that they can trust and value.

Kristina Carmon