Trends in Marketing That Will Rise in 2018

Trends in Marketing That Will Rise in 2018

December 20, 2017


2018 is just around the corner, and companies have already started planning their campaigns and their marketing strategy for the new year, the sooner the better. However, if you haven’t created a marketing plan yet, you still have time! Make sure that your marketing plan includes these following trends, and you are sure to see increase in brand growth.

Smart Marketing, Smart Phones

Mobile marketing is key for 2018, and this includes more than just having up to date social media sites. With smartphone always being on hand it is important to market to those micro moments that might lead to someone reaching for their phone and Googling your brand or looking you up on social media. Anything that let’s your website or social media site customize based on the user’s location and where they are looking you up is crucial for digital brand advertising. Whether it is something as simple as notifying them that based on their location they’re close to your past work or nearby a store where they can go and see your designs is important.

Using Social Media as your Publishing House

If you don’t already have a brand blog, make sure you get one rolling out before 2018. Many social media sites are looking to let brands become more editorial and publish content that is what the user is looking for. Snapchat is letting brands create articles and videos, while Instagram has a swipe up section on their stories that lets users read whatever link is attached without having to leave their social platform this helps advertising and integrated brand promotion. Not having to leave the social platform is important in this scenario because it is creating a seamless ease in-between social media and publishing. If you have a blog you will be given more opportunities to promote and increase your content shares through this new wave.

Staying Live

Live streams were a big trend for 2017 (link to previous November article about Social Media trends) and one that will only continue to grow as we work our way into 2018. Users love the instant connection and authenticity that comes with brands going live. Whether it is to show sneak peeks, behind the scenes, or day of events, it lets brands and users connect in real time and it lets them have a conversation. According to behind-the-scenes is a huge draw for 87% of audiences.

Conversations can be created through question and answer moments left in comments between the brand and user and between other users. With consumers having a preference for less filtered and natural moments, going live is especially able to showcase that real moment in time, filter free.

AR/VR in the Future

With virtual reality finally catching up with us, it is a trend that is beginning to grow. predicts that by 2020 it’ll generate $150 billion in revenue. ( The sooner that brands and companies begin to incorporate this as a a part of their brand or something that they can grow towards the smoother the transition and the more ahead of the curve you can be. Business is all about predicting what your customer will want next, so work toward seeing how AR and VR can be a part of your brand.

With these trends, 2018 is sure to be a year to remember with great growth and tons of new marketing campaigns!

Kristina Carmon