How Does A Blog Increase My SEO

How Does A Blog Increase My SEO

December 27, 2017


With bloggers becoming influencers, it is no surprise that brands want part of the action, and to find ways to create better connections with their consumers and to increase brand promotion. Blogs allow brands and companies to showcase their work, tell stories, and increase SEO. Below is a list of ways to better improve your relationship with search engines and their SEO by the use of a company blog.

New Content

The more you update the content your page and the more frequently you you are to show up higher on the SEO pages. Search engines value when you constantly create new content. In addition, new content is also beneficial to the readers that follow your company, and gives them a reason to constantly check back, which also increase your SEO position. It is important to make sure that the content is relevant and timely.

Use Your Keywords Wisely

Over stuffing your blog post with keywords can work against you, and search engines will make note of it, but if you use one or two long tail keywords correctly it can work to benefit you. By using keywords that answer a question they are more likely to show up on searches. Also, long tail keywords are more beneficial than general keywords because they are related to specific questions and situations. When using keywords, make sure to include them in the first 65 characters, so whether that is in the title or the header it is what will pop up first on the SEO.

Stay Connected

By linking your social sites to your website and blog you are more likely to increase traffic to your website and blog because it’ll show up when they search for your social sites. Plus, by having your social sites linked you can have all your brand communication in one area and the reader can link through to those as well.

Optimize URLS

Since each page on your blog has its own URL it is important to make sure that in those URLs you are giving the best description of that page, and if your URL includes a keyword or two it can also help to bump it the SEO. By using your URL as a way to categorize your content it makes it easier for the reader as well as for the search engine to pick up on it and list it.

Internally Linking

When you link your blogs to other pages on your website this works to benefit you in two ways. The first being that it keeps readers on your website and with your content. It prevents readers from having a question about something and turning to a search engine and leaving your page to find the answers. The second way it benefits you is that it shows the search engine your credibility and that what you are producing has worth and value. The more internal linking the better your SEO.

Think on the Go

With everyone being on their phones and turning to your smartphone when you are looking up a brand it is important to have a blog and website that is compatible with smartphones and it should come as no surprise that there is a huge raise in mobile compatibility. By having a website that is mobile friendly you are making the experiences more seamless and beneficial for the user and having a mobile compatible website, also helps with SEO results because search engines value when websites are mobile compatibility, and social media marketing and branding.

When creating a blog keep in mind the reader and create content that they and future readers will be interested in knowing about that way you are sure to be answering questions that they are looking up on their search engines.

Kristina Carmon