The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Public Relations Department

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Public Relations Department

July 11, 2018

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There is no argument that outsourcing your public relations department is a huge deal. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly. On the plus side, outsourcing your public relations can save time and ensure that your brand is excellently positioned with a strategic and effective method behind it! Choosing whether or not to outsource takes a lot of tactic and strategic planning, so here are a few ways that explain the benefits of outsourcing your public relations department.


External Ideas

Outsourcing an agency allows for that agency’s passion, creativity and knowledge of current trends to flow through the PR. This can help to ignite some ideas and excitement throughout the company’s staff and instill a sense of interest about the brand or company itself.


Saving Money

In a society where the salary requirements are skyrocketing, outsourcing a PR company can save the company money. Forget about paying for health insurance, just pay a monthly retainer and there you go. Problem solved. Most companies are beginning to outsource primarily for this fact alone! It’s a no brainer when it comes to budgeting. Another aspect is you get a full-fledged team for the same amount you would be paying for one person’s salary! If this does not sell you on outsourcing, we don’t know what will.


Highlight your Strengths

When companies are considering “hiring out”, it’s most likely because that specific job or task is outside of the “core competency”. This just means that some companies are big on focusing on marketing products on a worldwide scale and need that to be a primary object; however, press releases are not an objective. This means that a secondary resource is needed and allows the company to really hone in on the marketing strategy, leaving the press release up to the Pros.



PR professionals have a vast network of different connections. These connections can be anyone from CEO’s of companies to social media influencers. A huge benefit of using an outside public relations company is that you get access to everyone and everything the PR agency is connected with! In a world where it’s all about who you know, having this access is absolutely crucial to stepping outside of the box and achieving more than the average company. Higher a company that is versed in the same industry because they will likely have many contacts in that industry including media sources. Attempting to establish connections like this can take years if not months, so cut out the middleman and get a company on board who already has them!


Time = Money

Unfortunately, this is true. The more time you spend on accomplishing a task, the less time you have to perfect something else. Let a team of professionals really dive in and take over Public Relations. This will allow more time for your company to focus on other things that need to get done. One less thing to stress about and allows your strengths as a company begin to emerge.


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Kristina Carmon