Modern Day Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Modern Day Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

July 18, 2018

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Social media today has becoming one of the most primary source of influence in the marketing realm. Like anything of influence, social media can hurt or help any company that utilizes it! Many businesses are not really sure how to use social media to their advantage and end up hurting more than helping themselves. This is a great reason why acquiring some knowledge on what and what not to do, at least with the social media aspect of marketing, is crucial to getting your business where you want it.



1. Timing

There is this idea going around that getting a bunch of content out there is the best way to go. Just so you know, that is false. Customers that see an overabundance of a specific company start to get annoyed and lose interest. Imagine getting an email everyday from the same company trying to sell something or give you a promotion. In that scenario, most people will unsubscribe and boom, hurt the company versus helped. Make sure to spread out content across social media platforms. Instagram should be 3-4 times a week and same for Facebook. Twitter is a whole other beast that should be used more frequently simply because of the fact that content gets lost and skimmed over extremely quickly. When it comes to Social, less is more!


2. Utilize EVERY hashtag (IG)

            Instagram is a hashtag loving platform. Most people don’t realize, but the use of hashtags can increase page views, likes, and followers faster than simply posting a few photos. There are limits on the amount of hashtags for each photo, 30, but figure out which ones are most viewed and looked up and USE ALL OF THEM! It will instantly improve your insights, just wait and see.



            Many companies get caught up thinking that posting photos is good enough, once again. Nope. Getting involved with your fans and supporters is the best way to develop a solid brand. People feel special when they know you are reading their comments and responding, whether that is liking, commenting back, or sharing!



1. Fakeness

            Do not be fake. Customers can tell immediately when a company truly cares or is truthful in their posts and/or responses. It is a bad feeling when a company responds with the generic “Thanks” to a well thought out comment from a fan or customer. Be genuine. It pays off in the end and will develop a brand loyalty.


2. Low Quality Photos

            This goes back to the over-posting. Sometimes, along with too many photos, the photo quality is horrendous. Come on! Take the time to produce great photos and you will reap the benefits. People will scroll right over a terrible photos, but will be curious about a picture that is higher quality.


3. Irrelevant Content

This one seems to be a pretty common error. A lot of businesses will post blogs, stories and pictures that have nothing to do with their product just because it’s “cool”. Do not post about a political situation when you sell sunglasses. It does not make sense. Keep your content relevant to your brand and product. Your customers will appreciate the consistency and so will the sales department!


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Kristina Carmon